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Another exciting week

This is to be the last full work week before Pesach. Then it's two weeks of three day weeks. I wish I could say that the apartment were ready for the chag but the kitchen has not been turned over at all -- chometz and kitnios still is mixed with the food we actually can eat during Pesach. Not much of that at the moment - so it goes when you're a vegan / vegetarian.

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EE Cot death storyline

I've been getting bummed by the Eastenders cot death storyline. Also it's making me despise Ronnie. I understand she was in shock that her baby died in the cot but how could you take another person's baby and let them think their baby died? Sort of hard to watch Eastenders as a result. Not to mention hard to watch given I only just had a baby and we aren't out of the danger zone quite yet. The thought of SIDS terrifies me to the bone.

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I have more than enough time in a day to do everything I need to do to get my various pet projects going. It's just a matter of mapping out the time efficiently and not blowing so much time meandering around the web and other online time sinks.

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Happy anniversary to my wonderful aishes chayil Elizabeth. Who would have thought one year later we would have a three month old baby -- and it wasn't a shotgun wedding!

We are at Shalom Bombay for our anniversary dinner. Yummy kosher Indian food reminiscent of Seattle where we went to Pabla in Renton for every special occasion.

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Someone asked me the other day what I will do when I have nothing about which to complain. By that they meant that I never stop complaining. I have been thinking about that pretty much since then.

I then took that question and noticed how it applies itself to my day to day living.

I may be wrong but I think the problem lays with what could be a fundamental flaw in me. I think when most people observe things that aren't the way that they perceive that they should be, they shrug their shoulders as though to say "Meh..." and move along.

On the other hand, I think about that thing and try to find a solution such that it changes to how I perceive that it should be.

Example: In the shul where I daven in the morning there is a door leading to a kitchen area that slams when someone opens it and lets it shut without gently closing it. For weeks I have been trying to find some hardware solution to change this so that it does not slam shut. Everyone else just walks on through and lets the door slam. You know something bothers me when I write a song about it. This one sounds something like the Gummy Bears theme song, but not really.

"Slam that door!
Slam it really hard
Slam that door --
slam it! Hard!"

So it goes. I should probably be concerned with my obsession with fixing everything that seems to be broken -- people or otherwise.
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Missing in action?

In fact I have been keeping up with one journal -- just so happens that it is a paper journal that I carry with me everywhere. I 'update' there every morning on the way to work in the morning.

Much has happened since the last entry.

We brought home our beautiful baby and he finally got his bris milah this last Sunday. Despite it being a small affair, people come up to me in shul and tell me it was one of the most amazing brisim they have ever attended. Not sure what makes one bris more impressive than another.

Our son, Chaim Yosi, is well from the health perspective -- thank G-d.

We have a private baby blog and you can PM me for more details. It's locked down because I don't want the creeps of the world staring at my baby.

I have a strong desire to create. Perhaps a literary journal of some sort -- of the print variety, mind you. When I say I want to create, I want to make something physical -- an artistic endeavour -- like when I would make one inch buttons with Koichi.

How I wish I could draw.
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the milky way

We are looking into pumps.

In fact, we have pretty much settled on a pump -- the Medela Symphony. At this point it looks as though we are going to rent it for three months since buying it would be about $1300.

We found a site called Yummy Mummy which rents them in the NY area for $250 for three months.

Pro-tip : don't search for Yummy Mummy without the accompanying "pump rental" unless you want some seriously disturbing returns.

We saw our beautiful baby again today and he is looking better every day. I hope we can bring him home soon.
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Unexpected Baby Turn of Events

So much to report since my last entry.

Last week my wife went to the doctor and she found that her blood pressure was higher than she felt it should have been. She ordered a urinalysis which took place this last Monday. All day Monday Elizabeth had a pretty bad headache and I got some tylenol for her which seemed to help.

On Tuesday Elizabeth told me that she had gone to the hospital because she had thrown up a couple of times and so I left work early and joined her at the hospital. They were monitoring her blood pressure and analyzed her urine and found that she had a high amount of protein in her urine and also had a really high blood pressure -- 160 / 90, I believe.

At around eight in the evening someone came in and told us that we should start getting ready for the c-section that would be taking place and then was shocked when we told her that nobody had alerted us that this would definitely be happening.

So on Tuesday night, December 14th, my wife gave birth to a baby boy who weighed 3 pounds 9.6 ounces and 16.5 inches. Pretty much normal size other than the weight.

He is in the NICU as a result. He is breathing on his own and is doing quite well other than the weight. My wife remained in the hospital until tonight. We were sad leaving our son in the hospital but so it must be.

So much to happen in such a short amount of time!