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Well, so I didn't see Star Wars last night, but I think I'll see it today at three o'clock on 42nd street. Not at a naughty club, either, but a genuine movie theater. Sure, there aren't that many naughty clubs left after the reign of the last mayor (not that I'm complaining - it's always awkward to walk by a naughty club - one wonders if people think you are considering going in or what not... not that it really matters if people think you're going in.... except that as an observant jew, it does matter to some extent...) er, right. Tired. You can probably tell from reading this stuff and nonsense.

I really like this song "Most Events Aren't Planned" which is Vida Blue. You can actually download a few live versions (and a couple of remixed studio versions) of it and other songs they play at vidablue.net. Eh.

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