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Wow, getting four hours of sleep really does suck a lot. On the other hand, seeing Vida Blue last night was an incredible experience. Seeing Mike Gordon on stage with Page was also mind-blowing. Apparently I really do scream like a little school girl when the occasion comes up - i.e., when Mike Gordon walks onstage with his bass guitar. And then, you know, they proceed to tear up and down two ph balanced songs, like Lawn Boy and Cars, Trucks, and Busses. Oh yeah.

I have to be leaving for my mind-numbingly dull job soon, but I am happy knowing that I'll be seeing Julia at lunchtime. That's the one nice thing about going to work today. But then, she's going to London with her mother for a few days and then I'll only see her a couple of days before September. Boo hoo on that one. But then I'll be in Adelaide and seeing her quite a bit, and then we get (G-d willing) married and do that whole "speding rest of life together" thing. I like that one.

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