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I'm really looking forward to tonight.... seeing Vida Blue with… - hip hip queens-ray! kew them gardens. — LiveJournal
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I'm really looking forward to tonight.... seeing Vida Blue with Julia. I never thought I'd find a ticket for her but someone posted to the jambase web site and listed 4 for sale... I called the person (last night) and they were out bowling or something... a friend of his would keep me updated play-by-play on his bowling (in)ability... it was the funniest commentary on bowling I've ever heard.

I find work to be extremely mentally stifling. I want a cigarette. I want to be just writing, just writing, doing something creative. What I do, a trained monkey could easily do. I feel I have to do this lest I not be able to pay bills, etc. Arrgh. I may sell my computer to my roommate for like $750 which is good because I will be getting a Mac in Australia. I'm getting the feeling I won't want to leave once I'm there a year or two. Plus Julia would be much happier that way...

Please, let the next 3 hours pass quickly.

feeling: : anxious anxious
la musique: : yucky stuff supervisor listens to + (wendy's advert x 10000)

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