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this or that tuesday....

1. Lemonade or Ice Cold Beer?beer. yes. especially really good beer.
2. Swimming pool or beach?swimming pool.
3. Long weekends here & there, or a 2-week vacation? two week vacations, definitely. mm..... need real vacation.
4. Destination: Acapulco or Hawaii? Hawaii. Probably easier to be observant Jew there.
5. Destination: Mountains or Beach? Mountains. More scenic. :)
6. Hotel/motel/B&B or camping? Hotel. I like a comfortable bed and many things you can only get in a hotel, like tiny bars of soap.
7. Carefully planned vacation, or play it by ear? A mixture.
8. Sneakers or sandals? Sneakers - my feet are for the viewing pleasure of a select few.
9. Air-conditioning or fans? Air-conditioning. Fans don't work so well, usually.
10. Concerts in the park or baseball games? Definitely concerts. Yay, music!


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