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Just watched part of "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" with a couple of colleagues. Am loathe to call anyone around here a real friend, though there are a few that have potential - the few that are going to be leaving in the next couple of weeks, naturally.

A new person popped up in the room today - he's going to be around until Friday, and then it'll be a Shabbos spent on the Upper West Side. A person in my Mishna class referred to New York in rather unkind terms - he also thinks it is beautiful, but just very bad for someone in terms of its temptation etc. I said, "Bazzer (his hame is Barry but I have taken to calling him Bazzer since I've been reading Bridget Jones.

Very oddly, three people from a frum dating site have expressed interest in me - two of whom I had corresponded with in November before getting tangled up with THANDWA and one who was entirely new. They wrote to me, and each new correspondant was shorter than the previous. For those who keep track of such statistics, it went : 5'4, 5'0, 4'8. Yes, I would really date someone that is 4'8. I would date just about any height - the height isn't so important as having a good personality and sense of humour.

Chapter two was wonderful, and I'm looking foward to chp 3 tomorrow. Reading exactly one a day gives me something to look forward to until August, and then I will be on holiday. V. happy about that, by the way. Hoping I will be on the UWS as I am thinking I will be.

Indeed, a wonderful beautiful day it was.

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