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this or that tuesday

1. Surf sites at random, or have a set list of regular reads?
2. Do you visit mostly blogs, or news or other sites?
A mixture, you could say. It's fairly even. More blogs and other sites than news, though. I don't intentionally go to news sites - I just see things when I go to my yahoo that catch my attention. Blogically speaking, I am usually found checking my friends list on LJ if anything at all.
3. Do you go online every day, or just a couple of days a week? every day.
4. Do you allow comments on your blog, or not? yes, which sometimes gets me in trouble!
5. Do you shop online at all, or at regular stores? yes.
6. Have you ever done online bill-paying/banking, or not? nothing but.
7. Which news site do you prefer... MSNBC.com or CNN.com? Or do you prefer some other one? ny times through my yahoo
8. Live chat rooms, or message boards? sometimes pvp forums, sometimes i skim megatokyo's forum
9. Instant messaging or e-mail? yes.
10. Yes or no: have you ever met, or at least talked on the phone with, another blogger? If not, would you want to? Why or why not? I have talked on the phone but have not (yet) met one person. Perhaps there will be a meeting.


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