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fear of fat?

A recent comment by frezzen got me thinking. I wrote an answer to the "monday mission" in which it asked if I ate breakfast, and I alluded to the fact that not edited 10:05EST thanks cactaur doing so would slow down my metabolism which would eventually cause me to become grossly obese, be even scarier than I am now, and that nobody would marry me.

A cursory reading of this would make one think that I am suggesting that people who are above "average" weight will not get married. This was not my intention in writing this, certainly. The point was, as little chance as I have now, it would be even lesser if I was to be "grossly obese."

Of course, this begs the question - what defines grossly obese? Well, the term gross is a term of measure, and it refers to the number 720 if I am not mistaken. So to be grossly obese, one would have to be either seven hundred and twenty pounds, or kilograms. Let's go with kilograms. Now, someone at my height being 200 pounds would be already fairly heavy set. Quite much more so at 300. At seven hundred and twenty kilograms, I think there is not much chance of an appeal.

The bottom line is that I was strictly referring to myself. There are many people who are heavier set who are quite attractive. I have dated some such people. It is not something I would suggest people strive for, out of concern for health, but in terms of aesthetics, I see no major issues, as it were.

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