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monday mission

1.What is the difference between spirituality and religion?
Religion is following a set of guidelines for life brought down from a source. Spirituality is picking and choosing those things which you want to do to be a good person.

2. What is the difference between someone listening to what you say and hearing what you say?
Hearing is when you are there physically. Listening is when you are also paying attention.

3. What's the difference between a Father, and a Daddy?
A father is the giver of half the chromosomes. A daddy is the one who raises you and loves you.

4. What's the difference between being married and living together?
Being married is the most wonderful thing in the world. Living together you can do with any schmuck and isn't always nice.

5. What's the difference between growing up and growing old?
Growing up is emotional. Growing old is phsyical.

6. What's the difference between getting what you want and getting what you need?
I will never get everything I want. I will always have everything I need.

7. What's the difference between punishment and discipline?
Punishment can be done without a purpose. Discipline is almost always for a constructive purpose.
BONUS: Can you hear me calling you?
I have only one line and the 'net is using it. Also, music is playing.

Today's Comment Question: Do you eat breakfast, or just skip it and wait for lunch? Breakfast is the most important part of the meal. Skipping breakfast would cause my lunch to be metabolized more slowly, and as lunch is often more carb heavy that would mean I would eventually become grossly obese, people would find me even scarier than they do now, I would not get married, and I would die alone holding a cigarette and a lack of smile.

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