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First new post in... over a year. How about that? I'm testing the new post editor and it just popped up a notice that "Draft saved 1 августа 2017 at 17:37:01" guessing the month is how August is written in Russian?

The new LiveJournal post maker / editor is quite... white. Pale, even. So it goes. I was just remarking to a friend that in the time since Chaim was born, I've only posted less than a dozen times if that. I suppose it has something to do with how Facebook has taken over our social media lives. I pop in here from time to time to see what is new on my friends feed. I used to check it a few times a day because that's how often it would be updated. Now I can go a few days and be able to see all the new posts in a few minutes... mostly from one of my friends in England.

Reading old entries is fascinating. This one in particular seems quite whiny. Hmm. Creating links in the new version of the editor also presents you with Russian text. How about that.

So — we are still living in Kew Gardens right now. I don't want to be living here anymore. We are looking at Florida and Oregon as far as places to live, though G-d knows I would relocate to Seattle if a job offer came along and we could afford to live there. That would also be quite amazing.

Chaim is six now and Malka is three, just having turned three on May 18th. Chaim just finished kindergarten at an online academy based in Oregon. Malka hasn't started any school yet but I can't see how we would put her in the school that Chaim attended for a few years, Thinking Cap Academy -- it's quite out of our price range. My mother and stepfather helped us with the tuition for Chaim attending Thinking Cap.

I think I've finally been eating better than I have in years. For a really long time I was an omnivore, eating just about anything so long as it was kosher. Then after Elizabeth and I got married I went to a full on vegan diet and that lasted until Chaim was old enough to have solids and started wanting eggs. In the last month or so, thinking about turning forty (which I just did on July 30th) I decided I wanted to shift more towards what is called the Forks Over Knives / Whole Food Plant Based diet. It involves eating plant based foods and eliminating all meat, dairy, eggs, oil, and sugar from ones diet. The last two are probably the hardest.

I think I shall be posting again soon, G-d willing. I actually love this new interface.


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