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hip hip queens-ray! kew them gardens.
hands up *clap* *clap* hands down
The last time I wrote in this journal, Malka was a bit more than a year old.
I don't even know where to start. Malka is two, Chaim is five and a half, and I'm listening to The Archers on BBC Radio 4.

True story.

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stainsteelrat From: stainsteelrat Date: le 04 juin 2016 08:57 (UTC) (Lien)
I think you need to come and live in England :-)
gordond From: gordond Date: le 06 juin 2016 20:46 (UTC) (Lien)
Is BBC4 hiring? :) (I would take a job at any BBC radio TBH)

(Farming Today's first American born presenter, Gordon Davidescu!)
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