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making up songs
I often make up songs. They often take music from actual songs and then have made up lyrics that usually make me laugh. This is important as I am usually the only person who hears said songs. For awhile I have been singing "She Do Babby Things" to the tune of "Why Can't We Be Friends?"

What's a babby? Glad you asked. It's the word that Fred the Butcher from Coronation Street used instead of baby.

Anyhow it goes something like this :

She do babby things
She do babby things
She do babby things
She do babby things
Yes she do babby things like crawl up on a guy
and she do not do things like eat cream cheese on rye

(repeat ad naseum)

Current Location: WCMC
feeling: : bouncy bouncy
la musique: : she do babby things

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stainsteelrat From: stainsteelrat Date: le 13 juin 2015 19:33 (UTC) (Lien)
They used to do this on a radio show I listened to e.g. Rock the Casbah > Lock the Taskbar. They called it "popropriation".
gordond From: gordond Date: le 03 juin 2016 18:01 (UTC) (Lien)
Good word!
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