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Over one year later...

There was a time when I couldn't fathom going even a full day without checking Livejournal. Now it's more like weeks, sometimes a few months... and then I wonder why there are so few new posts despite how many friends I have on here. Only a few real life friends post regularly, and a few friends I made because of Livejournal -- and some of them are troopers that post both here and on Facebook. Mark and Tim, I am specifically thinking of you. :)

The last time I wrote in here, we were trying to get pregnant.

Now? Malka Lilah just turned six months. So we have that going for us, which is good.

I'm going to hit pause on this update as I need to do a workout... at four forty in the morning after a little less than three hours of sleep. Family portrait happening at Le Target Boutique tonight. Here's to the coffee it will take to get me there... and Shakeology.
Tags: exercise, malka lilah, overdue update, portrait

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