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So this is LJ Entry # 3,000 for me

It has taken me a lot longer to get here than I thought it would considering that I started this journal in 2002 -- that's ten years ago as of this June, can you believe it? It all started when I took an invite code, not realizing that they were one time use only, and ended up inviting a bunch of people -- this was when having a LiveJournal account required an invitation code, of course.

I used to use an online tool called Joule to track who had added me and how long I had certain friends on LJ -- that tool is apparently gone. I think I have had Mark in the UK as a friend for nearly this entire ten years as well as Erika up north in awesome Canada.

The state of my LiveJournal is a good indicator of how I live in general. I perpetually swear that I am going to finish my mood icon set but never have, I always think that I am going to get a set updating schedule but never do, etc. I hope this changes in the future.
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