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long time no lj...
In the last seven months I have written in my paper journal nearly every weekday and on the occasional weekend day. Meanwhile, here in the wonderful world of digital journaling, there have been about a dozen entries, most of which have been extremely short and not brimming with information.

In this time period our son Chaim Yosef / Chaim Yosi / Chaim has gone from being a little peanut of a baby born five weeks early to his present wonderful self. We went from having a rough time sleeping at night with him waking up every couple of hours to his sleeping through most of the night.

We went on a trip to California to see our West Coast family and to see friends like the always awesome Jessica.

This year we have managed to survive a blizzard, a heat wave, and now what was going to be a hurricane but turned out to be a tropical storm by the time it hit us. Thank you, North Carolina, for weakening the hurricane.

Our transportation system was completely shut down on Saturday afternoon (so they told us it would be on Friday) and after we had lunch on Shabbos it was remarkable just how quiet it was outside. Not a soul to be heard driving. Someone on Reddit wrote on Sunday how the streets were like the film I Am Legend. Haven't seen that.

Elizabeth and I watched a few episodes of the television show Arrested Development. Quite funny.

Perhaps this will be the first of the more substantial updates I provide here. Or I will just neglect the journal for another few months until I remember to update it again.

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stayforever_xx From: stayforever_xx Date: le 30 août 2011 06:35 (UTC) (Lien)
Gone are the days when LiveJournal was lively!

I sign in once in a while too. There isn't much motivation for me to update my LJ often.

All in all, always nice to hear/read from you! :)
gordond From: gordond Date: le 01 septembre 2011 13:06 (UTC) (Lien)


it's good to update and not just on paper :)
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