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millions of jokes to be translated to Spanish

Hundreds of bilingual people with a proper sense of humour are working overtime to translate what seems like at least three or four million David Beckham jokes now that he is to start playing for Real Madrid.

article below originally published on Sky Sports on 17 Jun 2003 colour commentary by gordon davidescu in bold

David Beckham paid generous praise to Sir Alex Ferguson as he agreed to leave Manchester United, saying he could not turn down a move to Real Madrid.Chiefly because of the money involved.

The England captain agreed a £25 million move to the Bernabeu, rejecting Real's arch-rivals Barcelona because the lure of the Champions League was too much to resist. More difficult to resist - £25 million

He described the move to Real as "an amazing opportunity" which he felt he would have regretted if he had not accepted. An amazing opportunity to be completely unpatriotic and screw over his country, imho....

But he said his former team-mates at United are "part of my family" and praised the Old Trafford faithful for their support of him over the past decade. And what a way to say "thanks"....

"I would like to publicly thank Sir Alex Ferguson for making me the player I am today," he said in a statement.

"I will always hold precious memories of my time at Manchester United and Old Trafford as well as the players, who I regard as part of my family, and the brilliant fans who have given me so much support over the years and continue to do so.Did "Bend it Like Beckham play in Spain?

"I recognise that this is an amazing opportunity for me at this stage in my career and a unique and exciting experience for my family.IE, Posh got bored of shopping in G.B.

"I know that I will always regret it later in life if I had turned down the chance to play at another great club like Real Madrid, which also has world-class players.

"I would like to thank other clubs who were interested in signing me including Barcelona and I wish them every success in the future, but I really want to play in the Champions League."

Beckham concluded by hailing Roy Keane, whose presence denied him the captaincy of United as well as England.

"I wish Manchester United the best of luck and led by such an inspirational captain as Roy Keane, I am sure they will continue to go from strength to strength." "...though they will undoubtedly not do nearly as well as when I was on the team" he was undoubtedly thinking.

(end of article)


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