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Someone asked me the other day what I will do when I have nothing about which to complain. By that they meant that I never stop complaining. I have been thinking about that pretty much since then.

I then took that question and noticed how it applies itself to my day to day living.

I may be wrong but I think the problem lays with what could be a fundamental flaw in me. I think when most people observe things that aren't the way that they perceive that they should be, they shrug their shoulders as though to say "Meh..." and move along.

On the other hand, I think about that thing and try to find a solution such that it changes to how I perceive that it should be.

Example: In the shul where I daven in the morning there is a door leading to a kitchen area that slams when someone opens it and lets it shut without gently closing it. For weeks I have been trying to find some hardware solution to change this so that it does not slam shut. Everyone else just walks on through and lets the door slam. You know something bothers me when I write a song about it. This one sounds something like the Gummy Bears theme song, but not really.

"Slam that door!
Slam it really hard
Slam that door --
slam it! Hard!"

So it goes. I should probably be concerned with my obsession with fixing everything that seems to be broken -- people or otherwise.

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