gordond (gordond) wrote,

Missing in action?

In fact I have been keeping up with one journal -- just so happens that it is a paper journal that I carry with me everywhere. I 'update' there every morning on the way to work in the morning.

Much has happened since the last entry.

We brought home our beautiful baby and he finally got his bris milah this last Sunday. Despite it being a small affair, people come up to me in shul and tell me it was one of the most amazing brisim they have ever attended. Not sure what makes one bris more impressive than another.

Our son, Chaim Yosi, is well from the health perspective -- thank G-d.

We have a private baby blog and you can PM me for more details. It's locked down because I don't want the creeps of the world staring at my baby.

I have a strong desire to create. Perhaps a literary journal of some sort -- of the print variety, mind you. When I say I want to create, I want to make something physical -- an artistic endeavour -- like when I would make one inch buttons with Koichi.

How I wish I could draw.

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