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November is in two days and I haven't updated this here Journal in a few months. I've been looking at paper journals that I kept in 1993 and from 1996-2004 with plenty of breaks in between. From 1996-1999 I wrote quite regularly, with a bit of insanity sprinkled in there. Rather, it sometimes seems like I don't even know who that person was who did all that writing.

My office moved to Jay Street in Brooklyn -- the so-called Dumbo neighborhood. It reminds me a lot of Portland in some ways -- all of the fun stores that are independently owned that really know how to distinguish themselves from mass cookie cutter types of stores.

I'm planning on trying out NaNoWriMo yet again this year. Not sure what I'm going to write about but we shall see.

The pregnancy is going well. The insurance company goofed and said that they won't cover one of the ultrasounds that Elizabeth had, saying that it was not tied to any legitimate medical need. Uh, how about pregnancy? I'm pretty sure pregnancy, at least in 2010, necessitates ultrasounds. Thanks, corporate healthcare.
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