gordond (gordond) wrote,

No Yom Tov for a long time

So... no yom tov until Passover. That makes me sad. It was great celebrating the wonderful gift we have in the Torah and how we manage to read the entirety of it in the span of a year, every year.

I found out that a friend of mine has gone out on a couple of dates with another friend of mine. No names mentioned!

Best news of the weekend: I tried on a pair of size 33 trousers that I purchased at Old Navy a few months ago before I started really working out more intensely every morning. When I tried them on at that time they would not close. Now they fit with no problem at all. In the future I hope to write an article about that, either for Urban Semiotic or Dramatic Medicine -- maybe on another blog in the Boles Blog network?

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