gordond (gordond) wrote,

this trend WILL be reversed

I've been waking up late because I keep forgetting to increase the volume on my alarm clock. Ridiculous. This leads to me not properly working out which leads to me being crabby that I didn't work out which leads to me having a rubbish day and then repeating the cycle.

I slammed up the volume on my alarm clock so I don't wake up late tomorrow.

Other things that bothered me this morning had nothing to do with me waking up late. The previous owner of the apartment installed a second rod in the shower to facilitate clothing hanging. I hung up a few shirts on it last night and sometime last night it all came crashing down, pulling the cheap screws out of the wall and all - down to the one side of the rod being held up by the cheapest piece of plastic known to humanity.

I've been on a vinyl kick recently. I was in a weird mood last night and bought a couple of records with live recordings on them for a grand total of twenty dollars. The money actually is going towards goodwill so I feel a little better about it.

Ehmm..... time to leave now so I don't miss the train again and end up not having as much time to prep the coffee for my dear colleagues at work. :)

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