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Pepsi Natural is Kosher and Parve
A little more than a week ago one of my coworkers brought in a bottle of Pepsi Natural and said that I could have it. I wanted to know if it was kosher or not since it had no markings on it to indicate that it was - but that doesn't always mean it's not kosher.

I called the Chicago Rabbinic Council and asked one of the main rabbis in charge whether it was kosher - well, actually I left a voice mail message. Just now, he called me back and after apologizing for taking so long, said that he had done the necessary research and that the result is that Pepsi Natural is both Kosher and Parve.

Just so that this information can be properly propagated on search engines, if you are wondering, "Is Pepsi Natural Kosher?" the answer is a resounding yes.
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