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hip hip queens-ray! kew them gardens.
hands up *clap* *clap* hands down
I decided to try an experiment last night. I set the alarm clock for six fifteen to see if I could get up at five by myself based on weeks of doing it with the alarm clock. The result of the experiment was that I got up at six by myself without the alarm, probably based on months of getting up at six when I lived in Manhattan.

I texted at great length with whispertown last night. Makes me wish either I could visit or that she could. Alas. She's pretty much the reason I have been updating at around seven forty-two in the morning every day - after writing one morning she wrote that it was the longest entry she had ever seen from me, and that made me think I'm clearly not doing enough here.

Yesterday my dad e-mailed me to ask me a few questions about some of my records that he had listed for sale. It turns out that my mother misunderstood something I told her and that my dad went ahead and listed every single vinyl record I had for sale on Amazon.com a couple of weeks ago - he sold a few including what is probably a first pressing of Enter the 36 Chambers as well as the only Oysterhead album. It's impossible to find on vinyl, apparently, and it was sold for probably ten times less than it is worth. Yay. He let me login to his amazon account to remove everything I didn't want sold.

Yikes. Oh yeah, I also lost a first printing of a Hunter S. Thompson book.

On the plus side I preordered the new Mountain Goats album on vinyl (only 777 copies) and I will hopefully get it.
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From: whispertown Date: le 04 septembre 2009 22:19 (UTC) (Lien)
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