gordond (gordond) wrote,

Happy Thursday!

Another exciting day, I hope. I woke up this morning at four fifty after determining that I would get up at five thirty to do only a half hour workout, but straight away instead of mucking about for twenty minutes as I am prone to do thanks to the wonders of the Internet. I decided that I was going to try out the workout in the one on one series targeted at the rear end and ended up getting a little annoyed - but that's really my own fault. Ever since I got the heart rate monitor it feels almost like I have more pressure to keep myself in a certain heart rate zone - yet when it comes to certain strength based exercises, higher heart rate just doesn't enter into it.

Alas. What is a boy to do other than just try, try again?

I read this post on Frum Satire about how being an observant Jew is just too difficult. Funny, because for the most part I don't find it to be that way. I actually love pretty much every aspect of my observance. Do I do everything perfectly? Of course not, I am no G-d. I do my best, forget the rest, and take each day for what it is - an opportunity to serve Hashem to the best of my ability.

...and then go home and watch Eastenders on the computer, of course.

I'm going to be doing a lot of writing this month for the Boles blogs so watch out, friends. It's going to be awesome.
Tags: exercise, observance, writing

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