gordond (gordond) wrote,

greetings from this morning and HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESSICA

This morning I genuinely did not feel like getting up. I dreaded a thirty to forty minute workout. I actually almost had a staring contest with my alarm clock but I knew that in the end it would win and that I would have to get out of bed.

I think that to a certain extent the heart rate monitor is motivating me in ways I did not think it would. I am extremely annoyed that I cannot seem to access Polar's web site for keeping a log of your daily activity so I might just have to open up a spreadsheet in Google Docs - of course that depends upon Google Docs to be working at the time.

I found a recipe for mezonos bread rolls and I would like to try it out to see if it will taste good. As much fun as it is to spend two dollars a day on tuna sandwiches I'd rather make them at home. Also I can cut out the packaging right out of the equation if I make them myself.

I was introduced to The Mountain Goats by a colleague of mine and I can't help but think that Jessica S would really like their musical stylings. It seems to be right up your alley. They're playing on November 15th at the Henry Ford Theater in Los Angeles - close to you? I wish I could take you.

Speaking of Jessica, happy birthday! I will have a shot of bourbon and think happy thoughts of you tonight. Maybe I will call you and leave you a singing happy birthday message if you don't pick up.
Tags: birthday, exercise, music

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