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It's 7:42AM and I'm ready to leave but there's too much time before the train will arrive so I am taking a few minutes to update.

I've been getting up at five in the morning to work out. I got a heart rate monitor and so now I know that I average between 300-400 calories burned in the morning. I think this is partially because I try not to jump too hard so as to make a louder noise when I come down to the ground. I do know how to do low impact landings but mentally I am still restraining myself from my days of living in the MoshPartment and the year that I was working out in Seattle and the SuperDouche below me would pitch one every time I deigned it necessary to walk from one room to another.

I did a TurboKick workout on Sunday at a location where I could jump as hard as I wanted to and I burned 800 calories. Then again, that workout was an hour and my home workouts are half an hour so maybe I'm doing okay.

There's a 7-11 on my way to the train station that has kosher certified Mezonos rolls with tuna fish salad. I don't know why but it really hits the spot in the morning. Maybe it is because I have been working out and that protein is sorely needed after plyometric exercise or super hard cardio.

I'm so happy for Lauren who just got married. Love how someone made a toast at the wedding and referenced This American Life.

I'm going to try to update more regularly and for more than five words at a time. Hope you're all well.
Tags: congratulations, exercise, kashrus, wedding

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