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  • 11:40 @hodgman I am also a meh hater. Hate, hate, hate the word. It's up there with "whatever" for me as far as words I loathe. #

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marlowe1 From: marlowe1 Date: le 24 février 2009 08:31 (UTC) (Lien)
Meh is pretty inocoous.

There are far worse words in the world - bootylicious, metrosexual and irregardless spring to mind.

And of course, TWITTER. Motherfucking twitter.

Hey, any chance you want to move to the Heights? Need a roommate for March 1.
gordond From: gordond Date: le 24 février 2009 10:44 (UTC) (Lien)
Believe you me, I would love to. My fiscal circumstances preclude it at the moment. Perhaps you can help that by writing a smashing review of my novella. :P
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