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David / Amy Sedaris

I forget how I first heard about David Sedaris coming to Barnes and Noble. It was probably Elizabeth. She's really good at that kind of stuff. I had been excited about the signing for weeks, maybe even longer. About a week or so before the signing, we went to The Strand and got a copy of Me Talk Pretty Some Day - I like the book because I enjoy his story about learning French.

We found out that you had to buy a book on the day of the signing to get a wristband. Elizabeth was able to buy two books and therefore get two wristbands. There were to be different colour wristbands, with each colour representing a later and later time. Elizabeth got there close to 10AM so she got the first group of wristbands.

We met up near Barnes and Noble and got some snacks from Duane Reade since Pizza Cave was mysteriously closed. We made a friend called Tina, who ended up being fifth in line. When the time came to let us in, they let us know that we were going to sit in rows and the signing would go in order of the rows. Therefore, Elizabeth and I were third and fourth respectively. I thought of a few things I wanted to mention to David when the time came.

He came in at nearly ten o'clock, the scheduled time. I waited as the two other people got their things signed. He asked every person if the name on the post it note was their name. He was amused by the fact that I brought bears and was a little confused by the CD I gave him to sign - it was a This American Life CD with stories of Hope and Fear. He signed the Hope CD and wrote "I" before hope and "you like ass" after hope, and then signed his name. You get the message. He wrote a message about the bears in one of the books and wrote nice things to Elizabeth in her books.

I asked him who the men were on the cover of Barrel Fever and he said that it was a stock photograph. Oh well. I told him that I loved the French story and the unintelligible sound his professor made and how it reminded me of my own French schooling. I also mentioned that I was glad that I didn't wear a blue striped shirt that day since we would have been twins and that might have been awkward. I thanked him and wished him a good night.

On our way out, there was a huge crowd of people waiting to go in as the second group. Elizabeth suddenly whispered in my ear that Amy Sedaris was one of the people - she was just casually standing there with a couple of friends. Elizabeth asked me to get her autograph as she was too nervous, being a long time fan. I approached Amy and said, "Excuse me, I'm sorry to bother you...." She turned to me and, smiling, said "Aw, this is fucking ridiculous!" and then asked what she could possibly do. I offered Elizabeth's Hebrew textbook as she had nothing else to sign and she very kindly signed it.

Now I'm wearing a blue striped shirt.

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