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the job

It's tech support for a company that makes medical billing software. It's actually really awesome software which is one reason I'm so psyched to be working for them. Here's how the entire week went:

Monday night: I applied for the job.
Tuesday : The owner of the company called and after talking with me for 10 minutes, arranged for an interview to be scheduled.
Wednesday : Interview. They said that during the first 90 days no days off could be taken. Problem: October has 7 days during the week that are Yamim Tovim - Jewish Holidays - that are non, negotiable, not optional, just like Shabbos, you can't go into work on those days. I explained it and they asked me to e-mail a list of all holidays that would require days off for 2008 and I upped it by e-mailing one for 2009 as well. 2009 is awesome for holidays because they almost all fall on Saturday and Sunday.
Thursday : I was asked to come in for 10-3 "audit" day, and they would see if they liked me and reverse. At the end of the time, they said they were on the fence and that it seemed I needed to be a bit more assertive. I went home and cuddled with VB and cried like a little girl but decided to do some research on being assertive. I also decided that when i got upset, I would just think of Horatio Sanz saying, "I'm Carol!" because in small doses that makes me giggle. I also also decided that if I didn't get the job the world wouldn't end.
Friday : 10-2. Went well, I thought. Felt more comfortable on the phone, tried assertiveness techniques. 4:30 : They called with the job offer. I start next Thursday so we entirely skip Rosh Hashana.

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