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the job
It's tech support for a company that makes medical billing software. It's actually really awesome software which is one reason I'm so psyched to be working for them. Here's how the entire week went:

Monday night: I applied for the job.
Tuesday : The owner of the company called and after talking with me for 10 minutes, arranged for an interview to be scheduled.
Wednesday : Interview. They said that during the first 90 days no days off could be taken. Problem: October has 7 days during the week that are Yamim Tovim - Jewish Holidays - that are non, negotiable, not optional, just like Shabbos, you can't go into work on those days. I explained it and they asked me to e-mail a list of all holidays that would require days off for 2008 and I upped it by e-mailing one for 2009 as well. 2009 is awesome for holidays because they almost all fall on Saturday and Sunday.
Thursday : I was asked to come in for 10-3 "audit" day, and they would see if they liked me and reverse. At the end of the time, they said they were on the fence and that it seemed I needed to be a bit more assertive. I went home and cuddled with VB and cried like a little girl but decided to do some research on being assertive. I also decided that when i got upset, I would just think of Horatio Sanz saying, "I'm Carol!" because in small doses that makes me giggle. I also also decided that if I didn't get the job the world wouldn't end.
Friday : 10-2. Went well, I thought. Felt more comfortable on the phone, tried assertiveness techniques. 4:30 : They called with the job offer. I start next Thursday so we entirely skip Rosh Hashana.



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yourcrowbar From: yourcrowbar Date: le 28 septembre 2008 03:37 (UTC) (Lien)
I'M CAROL!! hahahah
seattle_liz From: seattle_liz Date: le 28 septembre 2008 20:49 (UTC) (Lien)
Sounds really good - congrats!
From: thebly Date: le 30 septembre 2008 02:39 (UTC) (Lien)

this is why i love you....

you are probably the only person i know that would research being assertive... and not only that... but then actually apply that research the next day.

congrats, bud.

i'm not "in school" again... for medical transcription... so hopefully in six months or so its GOODBYE RETAIL MANAGEMENT!... Hellllooooooo better income and time to get a degree : )

and then.... Hellloooooooo Nutritionist... which doesnt quite have the ring of hellloooo nurse.... but ill still where a push up bra under my lab coat...so it totally works.

From: thebly Date: le 30 septembre 2008 02:40 (UTC) (Lien)

Re: this is why i love you....

not=now... proof reading is important.
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