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pun for the mourning - er, morning.

This morning after the Mishnayos shiur (where we started the order Taharos, "purity") a rabbi wished me a happy labor day before correcting himself. This made me think of a silly yet adorable pun for labor day.

Lay-bear day : the day meant to honor (teddy) bears who have not (yet) reached past an undergraduate degree. Or what not.

I wish I had my camera here so I could take pictures of the notebook that I made, with Channa Esther's help. It's hardback, with the pages hand-sewn together and attached to the hard cover with a couple of strategically glued pieces of paper. As I mentioned, I could do better next time - the stitches need to be pulled tighter to make it a straighter, more even book. It's good for a first try, though.

Oooh , Duke Ellington and the orchestra doing "take the a-train". So sweet in the morning. Horns are a nice addition. I once played this song on the piano in front of the whole school. High School, that is. That was most certainly fun, and nerve-wrecking - I don't know how to play the piano, but I taught myself that and a couple of other pieces.

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