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thought I lost my tefillin...

...but I didn't. Just left them in the library over Shabbos.

Great Shabbos. Had a wonderful weekend with Channa Esther. We made blank notebooks, hard cover with Sanrio designs on the outside - extremely adorable. We're talking about hand-sewn notebooks, too. Very nice. Mine didn't come out so great 'cause it was my first one, but hopefully in the future I will make more and they will come out better.

I am so incredibly tired but am quite happy. I'm reading Bridget Jone's Diary - which Channa Esther gave me as a gift. A nice gift book, I think.

All is well now. I'm happy. The 10th chapter of the novel has been submitted to Go Inside Magazine. If you haven't had a look at the first nine, please feel free to do so. :)

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