gordond (gordond) wrote,

Tweets for Today

  • 17:35 2 men waiting for the 56 in the wrong place. Asked me if it was the bus stop. Ayup. They came from Spokane (5 hour drive) for M's game. #
  • 17:57 30-45 min wait to spend 3 minutes drinking 1 beer. Does not compute. Doing it anyhow. #
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  • i heart rummage and build a bear

    I heart rummage went pretty darn well, actually. I hope that at least one of the people that took one of our business cards will actually go ahead…

  • two baracks?

    Two Baracks? It's true. Koichi and I worked really hard on that one so please let me know what you think.

  • Fasts don't seem to ever be

    First new post in... over a year. How about that? I'm testing the new post editor and it just popped up a notice that "Draft saved 1 августа 2017 at…

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