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captain obvious strikes again

Most of yesterday since dinner I had an extremely upset stomach. Still am having it today - I blame it on really greasy food the yeshiva made. New cook, hence, much grease. At least when they got their food catered the pasta was just pasta and water, no grease. It tasted great, but I think there was probably meat grease in there somehow. Yuck.

So, the U.S. Naval Safety Center has made some new posters to promote safety. Here is one of them.

Here is the accompanying text.

A safety poster for naval aviators produced by the U.S. Naval Safety Center in Norfolk, Va., shows an actual military plane crash as part of a campaign to encourage to avoid mishaps. In peace and war, off-duty and on, a few hundred service members die in accidents each year, and thousands are injured. So promoting everyday safety is a serious military strategy. (AP Photo/Department of Defense)

I couldn't help but laugh when I saw this. Then I further couldn't help but make the following with a photo I found on Google Image Search.

I'm just silly sometimes.

On a completely unrelated note, I feel bad for having missed estokes's birthday by a whole day. I almost missed my father's birthday, too! That was yesterday. I hope she liked the card I made.

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