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The Sedarim

I wasn't sure what to expect for the sedarim as the Rabbi told me that at previous sedarim it went on until five in the morning. Wow, I thought to myself; that's ridiculously late. So the first thing you should probably know is that I didn't stay until five in the morning.

Both Elizabeth and myself attended the sedarim though she was not officially invited - such is the halacha when you are not jewish. So when you read about jewish people inviting non-jews to their passover seder they are... breaking the law, breaking the law... as the song goes.

There were a lot of interesting questions over the two nights and quite a few interesting insights. Here's one thing of which I was unaware: apparently during the time of the Mitzrim slaughter of the male babies, they didn't just kill the Jewish male babies but all of them - so that nobody would think that the Jewish people were being singled out.

The host is an excellent cook and served several courses including a fantastic meat stew - stew goes very well with shmura matza and the host holds that only shmura matza may be used during the 8 days of Pesach. The host makes such good food that when we got together for daf yomi last night and I had some leftovers, they tasted even better.

Both nights went until about two in the morning and on both nights we didn't start mamash eating until close to midnight - however, we actually ate the afikomen before sof zman on the second night whereas we missed it by a long shot on the first night.

Here was another interesting notion : "Mah nishtana" is translated incorrectly. Think about it. What does "mah" really mean - does it mean why? No, "l'mah" means why. Mah means what. Think on that for awhile. Chew on it like matza.
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