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Never gonna give you up. - hip hip queens-ray! kew them gardens. — LiveJournal
hands up *clap* *clap* hands down
Never gonna give you up.
Oh, Stefano. Why must you be on vacation for so long?

The glasses are treating me quite well.

They're good for reading but I'm not sure of the halachic implications of wearing glasses that are generally only good for reading but don't hurt when I'm not reading vis-a-vis carrying on Shabbos.
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melanyebaggins From: melanyebaggins Date: le 13 avril 2008 03:13 (UTC) (Lien)
my understanding is it's not carrying if you're wearing it (such as wearing a coat even though it's warm out if you might be out late enough that it'll be cool when you leave, or having a housekey made into a broach so you can get back into your home afterwords) There's no eruv where you live?
gordond From: gordond Date: le 13 avril 2008 03:53 (UTC) (Lien)
Maybe I just don't hold by it. :P

I'm totally kidding! Don't run away. No eruv where I live. There will be when I move back to NYC of course.

That's excellent news.
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