gordond (gordond) wrote,

a poem I wrote in 2000. nice.

No joke. I really wrote this silly poem in 2000.

The Tea Bee
by Gordon Davidescu

One day I happened upon a bee
who sat, cross-legged, and drank tea
"I made it myself" he was sure to say
as if he could have gotten it another way

Where did the cup come from, I thought
did he find it, perhaps he bought
this thing clearly too big for him
and so, I asked him, just on a whim

"Where might I find a cup like that?"
He looked at me quizically as he sat
He had thought for a good long while
when upon his face there arrived a smile

"This tea cup you admire came not from afar
it was not flown here, and it came not by car
It was sitting around somewhere in the hive
along with a few more, perhaps there were five"

So I went home just so that I could see
if there were any treasures awaiting me
I found a stuffed monkey named George in a box
I was then hungry, so I ate a bagel with lox

Later that day I was quite happy to find
toys and books bought to stimulate my mind
I found yo yos and backgammon and a big folder
perfect memories of childhood, now that I'm older

I went to thank the bee, but he was now gone
but the teacup he drank from now sat on the lawn
I took it with me in case he would return one day
I would know how to thank him, know what to say

(C)2000 Gordon Davidescu, all rights reserved

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