gordond (gordond) wrote,

spokane, irish stout, and rock band

First, I'd like it if someone - anyone - could give me a solid description of Spokane. Pretend I am a tourist and you are a tour guide. How would you describe it to me as you take me to... places?

I went to a McMenamin's and they were out of Irish Stout. Fair enough, as the season for it ends tomorrow. Why didn't the bartender suggest the new seasonal, Workingman Red? Instead, she suggested Terminator, which I know, love, and have a pint of in the fridge.

I bought a full copy of Rock Band (drums, guitar, and microphone included) for $100. Enough said. That means that I have two copies of the game, two sets of drums, two microphones, and one guitar. Even if I sell the game for $55 and the microphone for $15, I'm ahead of if I just bought the guitar in a couple of weeks for $65.


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