gordond (gordond) wrote,

daily one inch button

I'm still doing it.

This sunday is going to be an awesome show although there already have been kinks.

I ordered a printer last thursday and got an e-mail today saying they were oversold and so had to cancel my order.

I tried to order a different one and when it got to the shipping stage the estimated shipping jumped from $12.50 to over $60?!? - not for a $120 printer, fools.

I then found the same printer for $81 with $25 shipping. That's what I'm talking about.

The people from the first company e-mailed me to ask me if something was wrong. Yeah something was wrong - you charge way too much for shipping! For that price you should hand deliver it and there should be some cuddling involved.

Everyone seems to be reporting that it's over for HRC. Let's wait until the results on March 4th to say that. Don't forget to tell all your Texan, Ohio, Rhode Islande and Vermont friends to vote for Senator Obama on March 4th!!

Lauren, I'm assuming you already put in your vote for our man Barack. I'm not sure if it is still up but there's a link to get a shirt if you donate in the first 1,000,000. :)
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