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armistice day / client anniversary

What does it mean when you have been working for your client for so long that he compares it to the length of his last marriage? Hmm. What does it mean when you celebrate your anniversary of having a client and it falls on the same day as the great Armistice?

Have you read All is Quiet on the Western Front? You should. I read it about 14 or so years ago. It really moved me.

On a totally unrelated note, how many different versions of Super Mario Brothers 3 have you played? I played the Famicom version in 1989, the NES version in 1990, the version that was on the SNES, the GBA, and now I have it on virtual console for the Wii. I think that's pretty much all of them. Aren't you feeling special, knowing that?

I have some tremendous news but I have to see how things develop before I break it here. If people would kindly stop defriending me that would be nice.

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