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the thing that happened yesterday that was actually awesome

Some of you may know that I have been stressing about getting a Macbook for some time now. There are some books which I will be able to do the technical editing for if I have said Macbook which would net me a tidy sum of money - much more than the cost of the Macbook itself.

I had been going back and forth with my mother about loaning me the money. It seemed like it wasn't going to happen when suddenly my mother yesterday told me something that completely blew me out of the water, or whichever analogy you prefer. She said that my stepfather had decided that since I was going to use the Macbook for work and it was serious work that could earn me a lot of money, he wanted to buy it for me as a present.

It's supposed to come on Thursday but could very well come tomorrow. I really didn't see this coming. What a wonderful gesture.

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