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git voch! a git yur! a g'bentcht yur! krispy kreme for everyone!

There's something I'd like to see someone in a streimel say.

So... Yom Kippur. A 25 hour fast complete with lots of deep contemplation of every single last bad thing I did last year and how I would like to not make those same mistakes next year.

The most interesting thing about Yom Kippur is what we state during prayer. In the prayer it doesn't say "I have sinned by doing xyz" it is always a plural. One person may not have done one thing but as a community, as a people we have robbed. We have done everything on that long list. That's why we appeal to G-d as a community.

What do they say in Jerusalem during Neilah - next year, still here? No, I think they say Next Year in a Rebuilt Jerusalem. Did you know that as long as the Beis Hamikdash is in ruins, Jerusalem itself is considered to still be unfinished? True story.

I'm going to Pabla Indian Cuisine tomorrow. Who's coming?
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