gordond (gordond) wrote,

taking fooooorever to land

Ah, the fantastic world of landing an airplane. I realize that it's complicated but it's nice to get updates, too. When things happen that make your landing take longer than it should, it is not so bad to find out what is the cause.

Also, when serving turkey sandwiches, perhaps it would be best to keep the turkey in its own seperate wrapper - thus one needs not freeze the bred, effecting a soggy middle when one gets the food. I'm not referring to any spare tires around here, of course.

I have learned the real meaning of barky dog. For some reason my father's new dog doesn't care too much for me - and as much as I tell it "Ba" (the keyword the trainers gave the dog) it doesn't seem to work as well as when my father yells it. Maybe it's like Avada Kedavra and you really have to mean it.
Tags: vacation

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