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Yes, I finally saw it. I didn't think this would be a film I would want to see, and I most certainly didn't think I'd like it. I ended up liking it a lot. Great music. And having Renee Zellwegger in it certainly helped. I think her presence was the only reason I liked Bridget Jones' Diary - that and the fact that I like films about relationships. Hence why I write about them a lot in my own fiction. (The serial novel I have going on at www.goinside.com , for example)

My watch STILL hasn't come yet. Sandra sent it either last Monday or Tuesday. That means it's been a week at least. But one of the people who works at the yeshiva told me that the mailman often leaves mail at the PO BOX. How incredibly considerate of them.

Well, there's always tomorrow, I guess.

I've actually gotten used to having the factial hair. I much prefer it trimmed to a short length - I don't see myself having one of those long beards, even if I would be a Rabbi. Something like what Rabbi Steinberg of Ohab Zedek (95th near Columbus) has. His beard and hair are always the exact same length. It's amazing. But for the counting of the omer - ah, then he will have to get uneven, a hee.

I got an e-mail about the new Live Phish releases which are coming out in May. Go figure, they'd all have to be amazing shows. Four live shows on cd for $75... if I pre-order. Otherwise, it'll jump up to $86. Then I got an offer to get the three animated films I have heard so much about (Spirited Away, Kiki's Delivery Service, and Castle in the Sky) for $57.99, as opposed to $63 - with free shipping. Which would amount to about $19 per film.

Problem with all of the above : I HAVE NO JOB. So I might just end up saving over one hundred and thirty dollars by not buying either. Sigh. Harry Potter for $16 seems hard to pass up, though. Oh, I hope I can get tutoring work when I come back from Cleveland.

A few more things today encouraged me in the rabbinical direction - as opposed to the masters of education direction. I see a lot of plusses in becoming a rabbi, and not so many minuses. I'm not seeing any minuses at this point, really.

Don't hold back those comments now, folks - especially you, mister marlowe1

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