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Halachic Opinions Wanted!

This post is more relevant if you are at all familiar with the laws of Lashon Hara so I apologize if you're not and this post bores you.

A rabbi writes a weekly parsha e-mail and frequently has little stories in it to add a little color. In this week's e-mail he starts by saying how he never really liked school when he was growing up and how he always thought of it as the students versus the teachers, with the teachers usually winning. As a result of his school education, he decided to become a teacher.

The next day, the kollel of the city writes an apology e-mail stating that the rabbi's views do not reflect the kollel's views and that he did not mean to insult the jewish schools of the town - mind you, this rabbi grew up in an entirely different city.

The rabbi then wrote an e-mail apologizing for his insensitivity.

Is it me or does this all seem unnecessary and overreactionary?

Come on.
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