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going well.

Things are going well, I think. My Hebrew comprehension is increasing, partially thanks to the fact that I use the interlinear siddur, and partially through the classes that I take during the day. Mostly thanks to Hashem, of course.

Shabbos was fantastic. Great meal on Friday night, and an even better meal Shabbos lunch. I read the book "Self-Improvement? I'm Jewish!" by Rabbi Abraham Twerski, PhD. Really great book. Another to add to my list of books I would suggest to read. How important it is to look inside and find patterns of self-defeating behavior.

Funny thing : Sandra sent my Harry Potter watch in the mail last week but wanted it to be a surprise. Last week at some point I arbitrarily asked her if my watch was still working. She said she wasn't sure where it was. I persisted, thinking that perhaps she had lost it, and go figure - I ruined the surprise. D'oh! The bad thing is that I'm leaving tomorrow, so if it doesn't come in today's mail, I won't get it until I get back from Cleveland. Double D'oh! For the record, since D'oh is now in the Oxford English Dictionary, I have no problem using it. Well, I mean, I make up words sometimes and have no problem using them - why should I have a problem with an expression that has been in use on a television show for over 14 years? Yeah.

Today is the 10th yartzeit for my grandmother on my mother's side. I'm putting out granola bars for a kiddish type of thing for her. May her neshama have an aliyah.

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