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I finally got Zelda in the mail today. YEAH! It is so incredible. I like Ocarina Of Time, too. I'm loving the graphics, the smooth game play, the cuteness of it. My hopeful friend Mike says he likes the original one the best. Ahm, okay. I liked the original one a lot too - I wouldn't have this one if it weren't for that one. But this one really is astoundingly good. It just is.

Talked to Sandra early tonight - but not talking to her tomorrow (boo). She says she is considering renting a three bedroom house. And then she let it out that she is hopeful that things will work out between us.

A couple of setbacks on considering the smicha program - rabbis who were less than encouraging. But a Sandra that was more than encouraging more than made up for that. It would be a few years of preparing for the smicha program, followed by the program itself - one or two years. Preparing might even be four years. Heck, I don't know. But if things work out with Sandra, she's willing to support me all the way.

How wonderful is she?

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