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shabbos plans

My plans for shabbos aren't too lengthy - I'm having a meal at the place where I ate last week for dinner, where they were so incredibly non-meat eating friendly. They even made a vegetarian patty or what not, just for me. Then tomorrow I'm going to a family that was really good in terms of the books that they had - and very friendly, as well. I think they even had a meatless cholent.

I'm hoping to either finish reading the book about procrastination that Sandra loaned me, or read the "Self-Improvement? I'm Jewish!" book that Sandra, well, also loaned me. One of those two should hopefully happen.

I started writing a story about a girl whose mother dies unexpectedly - and it details one day of her sitting shiva. It should hopefully work out to be a few thousand words by the time I am done with it this week - or maybe Motzei Shabbos, if all goes well. I'll have to see.

As Sunday I have no classes, I'm going shopping with my mother. I'd like to get a lighter coat for the spring - black, rain coat style, long. Maybe with a removable inner lining, if I can find such a thing. Apparently they do exist.

I'm really working on the neediness thing. Yesterday thanks to some good advice, I didn't feel so upset about not being able to talk to my darling love Sandra at night. But I think everything could very well work out. We just have to both work on the issues. I mean, no couple just gets together and is perfect, right? It only exists in the written word - and definitely not the type that I write.

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