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Should I cancel my phone?

Right now I'm paying $55 per month for my phone, on average, and I use it about - well, never. It would cost $175 to cancel. But I'll be here at Ohr Somayach until at least August. So the question is, wouldn't it make more sense to cancel the phone and just use the land line? I think it would.

I had some meat at dinner. Now I'm having an upset stomach and feeling sleepy. Bad idea. A person who doesn't eat meat shouldn't try to, I guess.

I have spent a lot of the week panicking about money, and have cancelled a lot of orders and returned things so that my credit card bill would go down dramatically. I'm no longer a member of mp3.com, I won't be spending $14 at audible.com starting next month, and I could very well stop paying $55 per month for my phone.

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