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funny how things work out - hip hip queens-ray! kew them gardens. — LiveJournal
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funny how things work out
It's really funny how things work out. When a person starts to get desperate, and their whole world really takes on a really bleak perspective, and all of a sudden they feel completely hopeless - like I did on Friday morning. And then with just one conversation with Sandra, everything suddenly seemed better.

I had an interesting Shabbos. Friday night I went to a home where the family had formerly been vegetarian, so they really were able to provide for my non-meat eating needs. Saturday lunch was terrible - they were ridiculing me and questioning me to no end - and the salad was spoiled, on top of that. Their incessant questioning was quite irritating. The part where the father told me that Chemical Engineering did not exist was a highlight for me, I think.

At around four-fifteen yesterday (well, exactly at four-fifteen) in the afternoon, my watch stopped. This watch, which I bought last week, just suddenly stopped. I can't believe it. Granted, it was on display for who knows how long, and they hadn't pulled the bit out so that the battery would be preserved but still - to stop after less than a week of owning it? I'm going to have to return it this week.

I e-mailed the registrar at Rutgers to find out if they sent my transcript to Cleveland State. I really hope they did.

And as far as my arrangements for my trip to Cleveland over Pesach, I have a place to stay at the Grunauers - where I have been staying each and every trip. I'm so thrilled to be seeing Sandra again.

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